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Hilton Piano Center & Hilton Music offers private lessons in guitar, piano, bass, and drums covering a wide range of music styles from pop, rock, jazz, country, and anything in between.

Our music instructors are all professional musicians, continuously active in live stage and studio performance.  Hilton Piano Center's main goal is to provide the finest musical instruction available in an engaging and comfortable atmosphere.

All of our music lessons are private 1 on 1 lessons besides the Hilton music Kids program, we do encourage parents to sit in on their children's lessons as parental involvement is paramount to their success.. Lessons are available to all age groups, whatever style of music you enjoy, and are fun with a motivated teacher. This ensures a rewarding music lesson experience and keep interest levels high. 
Whether you would like your child or you are interested yourself in learning a new instrument or just increasing your skill level Hilton Music is the right choice. Lessons are 30 minutes each on the same day once a week and are in our store in Colonie Center Mall.
For children 2-5 we offer a high energy 45 minute class once a week filled with singing, dancing, rhythm, and percussion. 
Some of the area high schools grant school credit for taking music lessons here with us at Hilton Music. You can check with your schools music department for more information.

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