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Hilton Piano Center Installs New Digital Piano Lab For Webutuck Central Schools in Amenia, NY

Albany, NY - Hilton Piano Center is excited to announce the installation of a state of the art Digital Piano and Music Lab for the Amenia New York Webutuck School District for the 2018 – 2019 school year. Robert Hilton of Hilton Piano Center worked directly with music department head Eric Wiener to design and install the new Digital Piano Lab to bring his music department to the next level of learning. The Lab is a Mixed Use lab that holds 8 student Digital Pianos set up for up to 16 students, 8 student guitar stations, and 8 additional stations for mixed instruments including digital drums, vocals, and other instruments.

Eric Wiener says the new lab will help his music students from all types of instruments and genres to be able to enjoy learning individually as well as working together in an ensemble. The teacher can create groups of students to work to together in flexible grouping from the powerful teacher console. The instructor can now efficiently teach up to 32 students quietly with virtually no sound being heard in the room.

Eric can work with each student individually without leaving the teacher piano or group them together for ensemble work or full classroom teaching. It truly is a high tech dream music lab that others will want to follow. Each student at Webutuck will be receiving an Apple iPad as part of their school curriculum. Also incorporated with the lab, each student gets access to Roland's new Go mixers that will allow direct audio interface with the iPads to allow students to create unique music, audio, and video compositions.

“We are thrilled to be able to take our music department to the next technological level allowing for unprecedented collaboration among students and teachers,” said Eric Wiener about his Music Department’s new Piano Lab. “The ability for students to work independently in a music setting is rare without practice rooms. Now we can have students working at their own pace, in their own sound space. The possibilities are virtually limitless and we have barely scratched the surface of where this Music Lab can lead us.”

Hilton Piano Center specializes in designing and installing Piano Labs for churches and schools, and have installations in the school districts of Duanesburg Elementary School, Saugerties High School, and the Putney School in Vermont. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.hiltonpianocenter.com/school-digital-piano-lab-churches-and-institutional/

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