A Piano Shop Near Me in Saratoga Springs, NY

The Hilton family has been serving families in Saratoga Springs for 3 generations with all their piano and music needs and wants. The Hilton name is synonymous with music in the entire Capital Region.

Hilton Piano Center specializes in classic pianos, digital keyboards, player pianos, and digital pianos. We have the expertise and the inventory to help you find the perfect instrument. You can stop by and see us right inside of Colonie Center Mall or give us a call at (518) 435-9876 to contact our local music and piano store.

We receive calls from people in Saratoga Springs who ask where is there is a piano store near me? Our answer is always the same of course we do! Our piano shop is a short drive from Saratoga to Colonie (Albany.) Saratoga is only 30 miles from Albany, NY.

We are the exclusive Authorized dealers of Hallet Davis acoustic pianos, QRS player piano systems, Baldwin acoustic pianos, Dynatone digital pianos, Roland digital pianos and keyboards, and Casio Hybrid pianos. Hilton Piano also has fantastic selections of Used Yamaha, Steinway, Kawaii, and other quality piano manufacturers. You can our pianos online with our inventory changing from day to day.

In addition to offering support and sales of new and used pianos we also design and install music labs for Saratoga schools. Throughout our decades of piano experience we have supported and sold to hundreds of Churches and other places of worship. Also available at our piano shop are commercial piano rentals, piano lessons, piano tuning, piano moving, and piano repair services.  We keep up to date on all the latest piano technology and are able to convert your acoustic piano to become a digital player piano and/or a Silent piano for practicing.

Contact the store:

Hilton Piano Center LLC
442 Colonie Center
Albany, NY 12205

Or fill out our contact form if you’re looking for pianos in Or fill out our contact form if you’re looking for pianos in Saratoga Springs., including zip codes of 12020 and 12866.

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About Saratoga Springs:

Saratoga Springs is known for mineral springs, horses, the Saratoga Race Course, and amazing restaurants and shopping, and visitors are encouraged to use #DiscoverSaratoga while exploring Saratoga and posting on social media.

Saratoga Springs is a city in Saratoga County, New York. The name reflects the presence of mineral springs in the area, which has made Saratoga a very popular resort destination for over 200 years and in 2014 it was ranked tenth in the list of the top 10 places to live in New York State. These mineral springs are believed to have medicinal properties a tradition dating back to before the 1600s.

Originally area was occupied by Algonquian-speaking Mahican Indians before they were forced out by Dutch and British colonists. The British built Fort Saratoga in 1691 on the Hudson River. The British colonists then settled the current village of Schuylerville about a mile south; it was known as Saratoga until 1831. The Battle of Saratoga, the turning point of the Revolutionary War, did not actually take place in Saratoga Springs. Rather, it was fought 15 miles southeast in the Town of Stillwater.

Saratoga Springs was established in 1819 as a settlement as a portion of the Town of Saratoga, and then in 1915 the region became a city. Tourism was boosted dramatically in 1832 with the arrival of the Saratoga and Schenectady Railroad. The railroads brought thousands of travelers who wanted to visit the mineral springs in the area and as a result resort hotels were developed.

Doctor Simon Baruch encouraged developing European-style spas in the United States as centers for health. This lead to Saratoga Springs being developed into a spa due to its wealth of mineral waters. These further helped develop more and more hotels including the “United States Hotel” and the “Grand Union Hotel.” At the time the Grand Union Hotel was the world’s largest hotel.

Legend has it that the creation of the potato chip is associated with Saratoga Springs. According to the legend a diner visiting the restaurant Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs in 1853 was unsatisfied with the texture of their fried potatoes and sent them back to the kitchen multiple times in protest. The chef, George Crum, became so annoyed with the customer that he sliced the potatoes much thinner than he usually would, covered them in salt, and deep fried them. The customer was finally satisfied and the potato chip was born.