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  • Piano repair & tuning.
  • Piano moving.
  • Electronic keyboard repair/Piano Keyboard Repair.
  • Product help sessions available for free on every Keyboard/Digital Piano we sell.

Piano Tuning:
Tuning a piano is a skilled profession. Although there are many apps on the market today, this does not substitute for a skilled technician who will properly set the tuning pins as well as other things related to a quality piano tuning. This ensures a quality end result and your piano will stay in tune longer.  A properly tuned piano is enjoyable to play and will make you want to play more!

How often should you tune a piano?
Regular tunings are a must to keep your piano playing as it should and extend its life. We, along with our piano manufacturers recommend having your piano tuned twice a year, once at the bare minimum. 

Why do pianos go out of tune?
There can be numerous reasons that factor into your piano being out of tune. Factors such as excessively hard playing, humidity, worn materials, moving, temperature and abuse.
The number one cause of pianos not staying in tune is humidity. When humid the wood in the piano will swell up with moisture and pull the piano strings tighter, causing the piano to go sharp. Similar if you have moved your piano to a drier location or room the wood shrinks causing the stings to loosen and go flat. 

Installing a humidity control device for your piano can greatly increase your piano staying in tune. 

Piano Keyboard Repair:
The most common electronic/digital keyboards and piano repairs are broken, sticky or non responsive keys. Other common repairs are the keyboard does not switch on, bad power supplies or no sound from your keyboard, uneven volume from your keyboard, and LCD screen issues from cracks to not lighting up.

Hilton Piano Center has a certified technician that can change out broken or sticky keys , clean the keyboards contacts (most common reason for volume issues,) help you restore your keyboard to working condition, backup your digital piano files, and install new LCD screens on your digital keyboard or digital player piano. Our technician also travels to customers homes, churches and schools.

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