LET US HELP DESIGN YOUR  SCHOOL DIGITAL PIANO LAB or help you find the right piano for your church.

Upgrading your school or school districts music labs and or piano labs can seem like a daunting task. From designing the music lab to fit your space, budgeting, bids, and boards. Hilton Piano Center is here for you every step up the way. Meeting with you and fully understanding what your schools goals are in a piano lab or music lab is where it all starts. Once we can all determine what exactly you are looking for we help you nail down the specifics from what type of keyboards, instruments, accessories, headsets, cables, piano stools/benches, setup and more you would need. We are able to work with many of our suppliers to then design your school music lab with your budget in mind. We provide the details, plans and are available for any other information needed for your schools administration or board that they may request. 
With a new music or piano school lab your music teachers can have access to the most cutting edge programs, including headsets where each individual student can only hear their instrument and the teacher is able to listen in on the specific student of his or her choice! It is like each individual student has their own virtual practice room even though they are all sitting in the same classroom together. The teacher with a touch of a button can broadcast all keyboards at once for a group play practice and even has the power to mute all the keyboards when it’s time for the classroom to pay attention.

A main area of focus for us are Houses of Worship and Schools.  We have supported many area schools and churches with pianos, digital pianos and keyboards over the years.  Special discounts are available from Hilton's and Manufactures like Roland.  We are more than happy to come to you and provide a No Obligation in church or School demonstration as well.

Pine Knolls Alliance // South Glens Falls, NY

Pine Knolls Alliance // South Glens Falls, NY

Let us help you choose the right instrument for your church or the right piano/keyboard lab for your school.

Most of our staff also are currently involved with serving at their church on worship teams. We can bring that experience to help you with finding the right instrument that makes sense for your church!  

Schalmont Schools

30 Student Roland Digital Piano Lab

Schalmont Middle School 2018

Schalmont Middle School 2018

Webutuck Schools 2018

Webutuck Schools 2018

Webutuck Schools

This 36 Student Piano and Guitar Roland Lab was installed June 2018.   

Duanesburg Elementary School Piano Lab

24 Student Piano lab installed in Duanesburg Elementary School 2017


Saugerties High School Music Lab

8 Student Piano lab installed in Saugerties High School 2017

The Putney School VT

The Putney School VT

The Putney School Piano Lab

Putney, VT

8 Student piano lab with 1 instructor piano 2016.


We will be more than happy to set up a meeting by phone or in-person to plan out and help create your new music room.

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