A Piano Shop Near Me in Kingston, NY

For 3 generations now The Hilton family has been serving upstate New York families in Kingston, NY with all their piano and music needs and wants. You can not discuss quality piano stores, amazing piano services, and music in the area without mentioning the Hilton name.

Hilton Piano Center is located right inside of Colonie Center Mall and has the expertise and a vast inventory of digital pianos, classic pianos, player pianos, digital keyboards and piano accessories, able to help you find the perfect instrument. You can stop by and see us or give us a call at (518) 435-9876 to contact our local piano and music store.

We receive so many calls from people in Kingston New York who ask where is there a piano store near me? Our answer is always the same of course just hop on the highway and pay us a visit! Our piano shop is a short drive from Kingston to Colonie (Albany.) Kingston is only 60 miles from Albany, NY.

Hilton Piano Center doesn’t just offer support and sales of new and used pianos we also design and install music labs for Kingston area schools. Throughout the decades of piano experience we have sold to and supported hundreds of Churches and other places of worship. If you need piano lessons, piano tuning, commercial piano rentals, and piano repair services we also offer that at our family owned local piano shop. We are also able to convert your old acoustic piano to a digital piano and with headphones you can even play and practice in silence for the rest of your home while you listen to what you are playing.

We are the exclusive Authorized dealers of Baldwin acoustic pianos, Yamaha Pianos, Roland digital pianos and keyboards, QRS player piano systems, Dynatone digital pianos, Hallet Davis acoustic pianos, and Casio Hybrid pianos. The Hilton Piano also has fantastic selections of Used Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, and other quality piano manufacturers. You can view most of our pianos online with our inventory changing from day to day.

Contact the store:

Hilton Piano Center LLC
442 Colonie Center
Albany, NY 12205

Or fill out our contact form if you’re looking for pianos in Kingston, NY, including zip codes of 12401, 12402, and 12466.

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About Kingston:

The City of Kingston is located in Ulster County and was the first Capital of New York State. Kingston dates back to 1652 with the Dutch arrival, and now has a rich history and is a vibrant city with a thriving art community and unique shops.

It was 1777 when Kingston became the first capital of the State of New York. When the NYS constitution was written, New York City was occupied by British troops and Albany was under threat of attack by the British. To protect the state the seat of the government was moved to Kingston as it was deemed safer. The British never ended up reaching Albany, as they were stopped in Saratoga, but unfortunately they did reach Kingston and the British burned the city. This area was a major granary for the colonies, so the British burned large amounts of wheat and all but one or two of the buildings. Kingston celebrates and re-enacts the 1777 burning of the city by the British every other year in a citywide theatrical staging of the event that begins at the Rondout and is called “Burning of Kingston.”

In the 19th century, natural cement was discovered in Kingston making the city become an important transport hub because it had both railroad and canal connections. Passenger rail service has since ended, and Kingston still has three historic districts, such as Rondout-West Strand Historic District downtown, the Stockade District uptown, and the Midtown Neighborhood Broadway Corridor.